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Besides Mullein there are two other healing herbs that are helpful as smoking herbs to be used as expectorants, meaning they will make you cough and expel from your lungs the junk that should not be there.

As for most herbs you will need to remember that just because they are healing herbs that does not imply they are completely safe. You must know what you are doing.  Many people have tried to grab herbs from a field or a shelf thinking if the Indians smoked them they got to be some good stuff. All they get is the sensation that they are coughing up their lungs. Now if they had studied, learned or asked they would of been more responsible and not had to go through such misery. These healing herbs are good for the job they are suppose to do.

One of the first things you should know is that these herbs are rarely if ever smoked alone. They need to be added to other smoking herbs. That way you can work with the amount of herb you are getting. They are good for a lung cleanse, but you do not want to overuse it and feel sicker.

Say for instance you add Coltsfoot or Horehound to another blend and you smoke and still cough a lot. Well start over and add less, do this until you are not coughing all the time.

Some major cautions about using expectorant type herbs like Horehound and Coltsfoot;

  • Do not smoke if you are coughing up blood.
  • Do not smoke if your lungs hurt when you take a deep breath
  • Do not smoke if you are already coughing a lot

The ideal amount of these two herbs added to a smoking blend is when you are coughing enough to help you break up the crud that is in your lungs and maybe even able to get rid of some of it, but not coughing so hard it makes it hard to find your breath.

If you are running a fever, or coughing is not controlled then seek medical advice.

Do you smoke?  Do you ever wonder just what smoking is doing to your body?  I mean we have all seen pictures of black lungs and stuff, but what is it really doing? I searched around and found out all my questions were answered here.

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